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About us

About us

Get to know Melissa

Hey, I'm Melissa and I'm the owner and founder of Relove Dress Rentals. The idea came to me when I realized the amount of RSVP's I had in my social calendar, and I personally don't like re-wearing the same dress twice. Thus, Relove Dress Rentals was born!! My collection of dresses has been growing by thrifting, donations and some new. I look forward to dressing you for your next event!


Fast fashion has become a world wide phenomenon. Many retailers are looking for the next best trend. With the way of social media I want to ensure women can feel and look great without breaking the bank. By allowing these dresses to be re-worn and re-loved we are creating a sustainable future for fashion and simultaneously dressing in style. Next time you have a wedding, photoshoot, baby shower, etc. Think about reloving instead of buying new.

Don't be an outfit repeater

- Kate (Lizzie McGuire)